Pastor Willie's New Church

Workshop: (2012) 

WILLIE (Kevin Ervin) and KATHY (Alethea McCollin) 

Pastor" Willie's New Church

 Alethea McCollin as Kathy

Bridal wear (gown and veil) courtesyCelebrity Bridal and Formals   

Rehearsal 2012 with Mezzo-SopranoElise Christina Jenkins

Symbols - The Musical (2017)

​The Stilettos Monologues - Promo

The Cast of "Pastor" Willie's New Church Takes a Bow!

Workshop: 2014

From left: FATHER of the BRIDE (Archie Claiborne), GRANDMA/MS.LOUISE (Maureen Friend-Clark), MA/MS. JEANE (Karen Barber), WILLIE (Kevin Ervin), JAY (Rev. Terence Davis), KATHY (Alethea McCollin - playwright, director, producer), and THE OFFICIANT

(Nigel McCollin) 




The Virginia State Players

Director: Dr. Jacqueline Burleson

Workshop: (2014)