Casting completed for IT'S COMPLICATED!

 A Reading of an excerpt of It's Complicated will be at the meeting of Richmond Playwrights Forum    

 at The Children's Theatre Workshop at Willow Lawn on

Monday, February 10, 2020 @ 7:00p.m.  


                  Christmas: The Untold Story

Alethea McCollin together with First Baptist Church Centralia Drama Ministry will be holding auditions for the musical Christmas: The Untold Story. Written and directed by Alethea McCollin.

SHOW DATES: December 13th and 14th at 7pm; and December 15th at 3:00pm

Rehearsals TBD. 

AUDITION DATES: By Appointment! First Baptist Church, Centralia 2920 Kingsdale Road, N. Chesterfield, VA 23237                        

CHARACTERS – 9 men, 4 women (This excludes anyone auditioning to be a part of the CROWD.)  MUST be able to sing!
*CROWD – All ages welcome to audition.  MUST be able to sing!

MARY – a teenager, who becomes pregnant out of wedlock, and tries to convince her conservative parents and her fiancé that she has not been running wild. Female.
JOSEPH – MARY’S fiancé, who is accused of impregnating Mary, and must prove his innocence. Male.
MOTHER – MARY’S mother. A woman in her 30s or 40s.
FATHER – MARY’S father. A man in his 30s or 40s.
ANGEL – An angel sent by GOD to give messages to MARY, JOSEPH and others. Male.
HEROD – King of Judea. 60s to 70s. Male.
COUNSELOR – HEROD’S counselor. Male.
3 KINGS – Royalty from other lands, who come seeking the baby JESUS. Male.
6 INNKEEPERS – Male and Female innkeepers in Bethlehem.
CROWD/CHORUS – A group of people of varying ages (children to adult), and representing people from different walks of life in society. They introduce the story, as well as appear in JOSEPH’s nightmare and at other parts of the story.

*In general, auditioning to be part of the CROWD may mean that you will not be considered for any other role.